Please perform registration by e-mail on a website.

The bill by e-mail arrives from our store within 24 hours after registration.
Payment of the bill of the mail has become possible in PayPal immediately.
Please substitute payment for PayPal. @@@What is PayPal?

Our store sends the tools for extracting a dental impression to you by
air transport after remittance.
If tools arrive, please extract a dental impression by yourself.
In tools, the description is contained.

If it is seen, anyone can extract a dental impression well.

The extracted impression is returned together with the delivered tools.
Our store completes a mouthpiece based on the returned impression.
A mouthpiece is completed in about one week and shipped to a client
by air transport.


Since fixtures are checked looking at
a description, dental impression
extraction is performed.

The powder and water which extract a dental impression are mixed.


An impression material is set to
the frame which extracts an impression,
and the upper jaw is extracted.

It waits for 5 minutes until an impression
material becomes hard.


It returns to our store together with the
tools with which the extracted impression
has been sent.

I will complete work, if there are 30 minutes.
It is very easy rather than imagining.