Name <Selling contractor>

The Mouth Guard Store

<Selling generalization person in charge>

Mr.Yukihiro Takii
A Japanese dental technician


60, Kubo, Kaminara-cho,
Konan-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan

<Telephone number and Fax number>



<Required charges other than goods price>

The mailing cost which returns the
impression of the extracted tooth

<delivery time>

One week after a tooth model and a
money order arrive at our company, it
exports by airmail (EMS).


enter again
zip code


Please write in detail from the name of a country.
Sex Age

Man  Woman 
cm years old
Type of sport
A gym or
a team name
The color of
a mouth guard

Red Black Yellow
Orange Blue Purple
Clear White Lightgreen
LightYellow Green Pink
Gold Silver

Even this changes to
   110 U.S. dollar in one color.

The mouth guard of two colors
   130 U.S. dollar

Silver/gold White/black Red/blue etc.
I can choose a favorite color freely
out of 14 colors.

The mouth guard of three colors
   140 U.S. dollar

red/White/black Red/white/blue etc.
I can choose a favorite color freely
out of 14 colors.

However, the color of blue / white / blue
serves as 3 color treatment. It does not
become two colors.

The mouth guard of mix colors
   150 U.S. dollar

Red/White/black Red/white/blue etc.
3 colors are chosen from 14 colors.

The mouth guard of Star dust
   150 U.S. dollar

A base color is chosen from 14 colors.

Design mouth guard
   170 U.S. dollar

I will make it a favorite design which is
in a website! However, not much fine picture,
design, etc. may not be made.

Please ask specification of a color, andpecification
of a design of the lower entry column,
and, in design specification, draw and send a design
to paper together with a tooth model.

Vampire mouth guard
   260 U.S. dollar

Selection of
a form
* When hopeless, I manufacture a normal form.
Nomal type
The type with a light front tooth
The type to bite (for molars)
Open teeth type
Hard Contact type + 30 U.S. dollar

It gives the field which bites the marks of the
   tooth of the lower jaw.
    + 30 U.S. dollar

Up-and-down jaw type (separation type)
    + 80 U.S. dollar

Repeat order
It makes using the last tooth model.)
    - 10 U.S. dollar

An opinion
or a question